WE Clinic London training programme for recently qualified acupuncturists.

For over a decade in existence, WE Clinic and its resident experts have accumulated expertise and experience that we offer to share with you, in order to guide you to a higher level of your own practice.
The training programme is comprehensive with focus on the following areas:


How to offer follow-up advice and post-treatment guidance for your clients including nutrition and diet according to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

Explore several approaches with a number of Chinese doctors to experience treatment skills in different conditions

One-on-one training at our clinic with flexible timing to accommodate your schedule
Focus on specific areas of treatment for infertility, hair loss, facial palsy, IBS and sports injuries

  1. For each case the correct choice of points will be demonstrated, followed by nutrition and diet advice according to TCM.
  2. Understanding of what points need caution and care – Bian Zheng and differentiation of symptoms
  3. Four Chinese medicine practitioners will offer guidance and training for you to experience different practice and varied expertise.

How to deal with clients, one-on-one interactions, ‘bedside manner’

How to develop and maintain client relationship, what to do and what to avoid
How to use social media to promote and make your practice more visible
How to manage your business long-term and day-to-day

Advice and recommendations on how to start your own practice

After completion of the training course, you may be invited to become an associate in our team.
For more information please call us at 0787 629 1933.