3 Great Reasons To Get Acupuncture This Winter

3 Great Reasons To Get Acupuncture This Winter

By Jennifer Dubowsky, for tcm007.com
29th Bovember, 2015

1) Reduce stress – A cold winter could stress anyone and we all know that stress has a negative impact on our minds and bodies. Acupuncture reduces stress quickly and safely.

2) Prevent illness – Winter is rough, the extreme cold and damp provide an environment that makes it easier for you to get sick. Acupuncture and Chinese herbs boost your immunity in order to remain healthy and, if you’re already sick, treatments can lessen your symptoms and reduce the duration of the illness.

3) Recharge your body – The cold and sludge drain our energy, make it harder to accomplish our goals and frankly, the tenacity of this weather is depressing. A few well placed needles can nurture your depleted body, increase your energy, help you sleep better, and relieve built up tension.

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