Mrs YAN LI has 15 years of clinic experience as a Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner in UK, she is a member of ATCM. Her BSC degree of TCM was obtained in China( 5years training).

Her speciality is traditional acupuncture and herbal medicine in treating a wide range of conditions including beauty, weight loss, skin disease, Pain(back pain, neck pain, chest pain, headache etc.), Stress, Hair loss, ME, infertility, Acne, Insomnia,  etc.

She provides holistic healing methods, counseling patients on lifestyle changes to enhance treatment success and improve overall health, such as dietary changes,exercise, stress management techniques, and sleep habit changes.

Her treatment has a very high successful rate and her article 《Clinical Application of Tendency Differentiation and Treatment》 including successful healing case of hair loss and chronic diarrhoea has been published on 《The Journal of Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture》 25th Mar, 2016, Volume23, Issue1.

She has a variety of interests in Tai Chi, Yoga, meditation, music, aromatherapy, crystal healing etc.
She is willing to help all clients to meet their health goals.