Lijuan Zhang

Acupuncturist and herbalist BSc TCM (Beijing)

Dip Tuina, MSc Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hangzhou)

Lijuan graduated from the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine in 1993, she then came to the UK to further her study at the Middlesex University in London, she also completed her master’s degree in TCM at the Hangzhou University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Lijuan developed her first practice in Bournemouth and then continued to work with other private clinics in London as a supervisor practitioner, she has over 20 years of clinical experience and she also used to work voluntarily at the NHS pain clinic in Whittington Hospital. She is a member of the FTCM.  Over the years, Lijuan has treated several high-profile clients, including the former Japanese prime minister Keizo Obuchi.

Lijuan specialises in treating general health conditions that may not have responded well to conventional medicine, her areas of special interest of this tested natural therapy includes:

  • Back pain, Sciatica, Migraines, Joint pain, Neck pain and other pain related symptoms.
  • Breast sagging prevention, Ovary care, Menstrual disorder
  • Child growth support
  • Digestive and bladder complaints
  • Stress and emotional wellbeing, anxiety/depression
  • Immune system and allergic disorders, chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Cosmetic acupuncture
  • Insomnia etc…

Contact number: 020 7041 9595
Email: info@wecliniclondon.com