Acupuncture Relieves Insomnia and Extends Sleep

Healthcare Medicine Institute, 9th November, 2015 Acupuncture is an effective treatment for the relief of insomnia. Two independent research teams from the Heilongjiang University of Chinese Medicine found acupuncture over 90% effective for the treatment of insomnia. In addition, Li et al. found an important biochemical basis for the efficaciousness of acupuncture in the treatment Read more about Acupuncture Relieves Insomnia and Extends Sleep[…]

Acupuncture: A Powerful Form of Natural Healing

Acupuncture: A Powerful Form of Natural Healing By Matthew Bauer, President of the Acupuncture Now Foundation 18th November, 2015 “Acupuncture helps the body heal itself.” Most acupuncturists would no doubt agree with that statement but many take it for granted. Not fully appreciating this simple fact and how it impacts practice, however, is a mistake Read more about Acupuncture: A Powerful Form of Natural Healing[…]

Acupuncture Plus Herbs Alleviate Depression

Healthcare Medicine Institute, 20th November, 2015 Acupuncture plus herbs alleviates depression. Funing County People’s Hospital researchers conducted a randomized clinical trial comparing the efficacy of acupuncture plus herbs with medication therapy. The Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) therapy group receiving acupuncture plus herbal medicine had a 93.3% total effective rate. The pharmaceutical medication group achieved a Read more about Acupuncture Plus Herbs Alleviate Depression[…]

Understanding Acupuncture

Mechanism: Experimental Approaches to Understanding Acupuncture, Part 1 By Shai White-Gilbertson, PhD, MSCR, Dipl Ac, CTR For Acupuncture Today, November, 2015, Vol. 16, Issue 11 The clinical benefits of acupuncture are difficult to ignore, but also can be difficult to explain to a Western audience. For nearly 50 years, relentlessly inquisitive scientists and physicians have been Read more about Understanding Acupuncture[…]

IVF with acupuncture

Summary Infertility affects approximately one in 6 to 7 couples in the UK according to the World health organisation (WHO). NHS statics shows that infertility is affected by age, physical or emotional condition and illness. Nowadays couples often delay having children until later because of the hectic nature of modern life. Modern assisted reproductive therapies Read more about IVF with acupuncture[…]