Atka Alcyone

Atka is a Certified Tantric Journey Educator who is experienced in and deeply committed to releasing negative emotions, past trauma and toxicity from the body allowing clients to reconnect in their emotional and physical body’s through deep Tantric – Tao bodywork.

With a deep understanding and compassion, Atka is able to treat men with a range of physical and emotional difficulties. Her non-judgmental, compassionate , caring and practical approach have helped many clients to release negative trauma and increase wellbeing, achieve emotional equilibrium, beat low self esteem, conquer depression as well as overcome sexual dysfunctions.

Offering 1-2-1 private sessions for men and disabled people Atka has a wealth of experience in her field of healing and understands that men are typically reluctant to share their thoughts and feelings regarding their sexual concerns and difficulties, but her calm, professional and capable approach frequently dissolves barriers and her work has helped many male clients to release trauma and clear the obstacles that have stood in the way of them becoming engaged, satisfying and confident individuals and partners, in all areas of their life.

Atka’s Tantric Journey work can assist in enhancing:

  • Self-esteem,
  • Alleviating anxiety
  • Overcoming depression
  • Building intimacy and connection
  • Sexual issues, these typically focus upon desire, arousal & orgasmic disorders and include: Sexual Desire Disorders, Erectile Dysfunction, Premature or Delayed Ejaculation, Sexual Identity, Orientation and Fetishes, Sex addictions, Sexual Abuse or Trauma, Fear & lack of confidence, Loss of libido

As a Tantric Journey therapist Atka brings together both traditional methods of deep body work, deep tissue massage, Tantric and Tao techniques as well as evidenced based therapies and techniques to help you restore your sexual functioning, inner balance and general vitality.
With access to an extensive and a unique blending of knowledge and experience, she will assess each and every factor of your wellbeing and will design and implement a treatment plan to help revive and revitalise your emotional balance, physical health, sexual functioning and self assurance.

Contact number: 020 7041 9595
Email: info@wecliniclondon.com